Friday, January 8, 2010

Sorrrry for the late late late update.

Alllll righttt.
I haven't had a computer to update with, and I don't have long to use this one today...but to sum things up, I've kept to the first four days on my ABC. Tomorrow is a 500 day. I'm not scared, but we're going to Chilli's for supper, which means I'll probably fast until then so that I can eat with everyone not freaking out. I'm looking for the calorie counts online right now.

After tomorrow is my first fast. Easy, I hope. I believe in myself. I have to.

I put on my swimsuit for the first time in ever. I wore it around the house all day. My family looked at me strange, but I loved it because every mirror I passed smiled at me. I can't wait for summer. I hope I either have this body or a smaller one by summertime.

Anyway. Stay strong, ladies.

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  1. congrats! and i'm sure the fast will go well... you seem to have a lot of willpower! :)