Saturday, November 28, 2009

Don't Tell Me You Think Cellulite is Beautiful?

It's 9 in the morning right now, and yesterday's pride and determination have carried over to today. I'm super hungry already, though, which makes me a little scared for what might come. For now, I'm just going to look at the day with a positive edge. If I worked with a pizza and turned it down, I can make it through today by saying no. The bad part is, we're out of 80 cal yogurt, all we have is 100 cal now, which I guess isn't that bad if I do what I did yesterday and only eat two and call it a day. I'd just rather have 160 total cal.s instead of 200, but oh well. I'll probably end up eating something else today. Meaning, R wants me to make him cookies, and I'm not sure I'll be able to ignore cookie batter and cookies. Hopefully I'll be able to say no by thinking about how proud of myself I was with the pizza.

Today's thinspiration:

I'll write more as the day ends, again.
So, I ended up eating two of the 100 cal yogurts and snacking a little. I wouldn't have snacked if my friend hadn't been watching, but she was, so I had to. It was positively under 100 cal.s, but I'll round it to about 100 just for good measure. That makes 300 cal.s, 50 over my goal, but that's not too bad, especially considering how amazing I did yesterday. Tomorrow will be even better. I'm going to do this.
I looked at the scale today. My friend's scale says the number, but on mine I have to guess where the needle is. Her scale told me 112.2, I'm soo happy with that, but I wish it were lower. That's how it's going to be forever, though, might as well get used to it.
It's 7:30 pm, in half an hour I'll be officially done eating. I'm going to have to deny mother's meatloaf soon. I've been gone all day, so she'll believe that I've eaten.
Hugs & Butterfly Kisses

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