Friday, November 27, 2009

No Thanks, I'm Full.

I've been eating around 500 cals for three days so far, and for three days so far I've avoided the scale completely. Thanksgiving wasn't as bad as I expected, I did eat too much, I admit, but it wasn't an uncrontrollable amount. That was yesterday; it's only 10 in the morning right now, and so far I'm determined and looking at things positively. If I can just be strong, I'll be able to eat around 100-250 cals.

My plan for the rest of the weekend:
Friday (Today): 100-250 cals
Sat. : 100-250 cals
Sun. : 100-170 cals

I'm so out of practice, but I know that when school starts again on Monday I'll have to eat lunch at least, to keep people from suspecting anything. I'll be able to get by with eating an apple for lunch most days, but sometimes I'll need to eat a little more. We'll start with apples, though, and take it from there.

Today's thinspiration:
I'll update more as the day ends.


It's now 8 PM, so the hours of eating are over.

I'm so proud of myself today. I ate a total of 160 calories, from two 80 cal. yogurts. I even cooked a whole pizza for my siblings and didn't eat a single bite, not even a string of cheese or a piece of fluffy crust. I stayed busy the whole day, and every time I thought I might go to the kitchen, I drank water.

I feel amazing!

Hugs & Butterfly Kisses

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