Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm too busy to eat, Sugar Babe.

Today's the day I've been worried about. School starts in half an hour, lunch is at 12. Can I do it?

More later.


So, they didn't even have apples for today's lunch. I ended up having about 80 calories worth of peaches and snacks throughout the whole school day. I’m going to have a yogurt for dinner again tonight, and whatever fruit there is tomorrow at lunch.

I hiked with some friends today, that deffinately burned everything I'd eaten so far! I'm not even going to put up a total calorie count for the day, because I've burned so much from three hours of going up and down hills etc. that I'm going to be in the hole even after another 80 cal yogurt.

Okay, I went to my friend's house until 8, and by the time I got home it was way past time to stop eating for the night, meaning not even a yogurt. All I've eaten was what happened at school. That leaves me at less than 80 calories for the day. Way less. Less than 0, even.

I need water, I am sooo parched right now! Very proud of myself though. I didn't even get a chance to weigh myself after today's hike and less-than-none calorie count. Looking forward to that..I'll probably wait and go to my friend's for a better reading.

Hoping tomorrow is as good, if not even better..but that's probably not even possible. I just can't let today get to my head. Apple tomorrow if they have it, if not then whatever fruit they have. I will do this.

Side note- I've noticed something. Not eating much makes me EXCITED for the next day to come, because I'm excited to be proud of myself. It gives me a reason to be happy and to live. Knowing I'm shrinking and actually sticking to something makes me want to keep doing it.

Hugs & Butterfly Kisses

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  1. wow you did great. i have a hard time not eating after a certain time in the night since my boyfriend doesnt get home til around 6:15 at night and demands me to eat dinner with him. hopefully your school will keep up with the fruits.
    stay strong