Sunday, December 6, 2009


So, it's only 12:37 pm and I've already had about 350 calories. It wasn't a binge, it was a desperate need for energy. I laid in my bed for hours because I had no energy to get up, and every seven times I did try to get up, my head spun and my knees buckled. I just couldn't do it. I ended up falling sleeping for another hour or so before I woke up and could get out of bed. I went downstairs and the only thing in the kitchen (we haven't gone grocery shopping lately, and I've thrown out stuff that they would believe I ate) was the coffee cake mom'd made last night. I tried just chugging some water, but I got another wave of dizziness and somehow ended up on the floor (not sure how that happened), so I ate a piece. I threw out the parts I hate, because if I have to eat, I'd rather eat what I like than just alot of crap.
I haven't eaten anything else yet. I probably will, though. Hopefully not. My stomach feels as if it would just get rid of anything I put inside it anyways-as in, I feel really sick, if you didn't catch that.
Yeah, the stomach bug started feeling better, and I had alot of energy today! I'm still kind of hyped up. Around, like, 2 o'clock I was off my ass trying to find amazing things to do. I didn't eat much after this morning, possibly 20 cals worth of some kind of crap mom made for dinner. I told her I'd just eat the rest of the coffee cake, and went upstairs and threw it away :D I'm gonna call it an awesome day, even though it started off awfully.

Overall, I'd say this weekend was successful. Still have to weigh myself, but I'm not so excited about that. I don't think I'll have lost much. Maybe I just won't weigh myself until...I don't know, later, haha.

Tomorrow is school! The fruits are strawberries and bananas, yummm. I'm in a good mood, mostly because my size 1(u.s.) jeans fit alot better. They still aren't gorgeous, but getting there. It's always hard to get under 110 for me, though, so I just have to stay motivated.

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