Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I don't even like candy in my ice cream!

So, I was determined today. I woke up knowing that it'd be a hard day, but I also told myself I could handle it. I was soo drained of energy by midmorning, so I had a 50 cal yogurt and a spoon of strawberry jelly. Not bad at all.
After that, we walked the mall for a while and I nibbled on some of my friend's pizza. Still not so bad, it wasn't more than a bite. I don't get upset with myself for a measly bite. By my standards, I was still doing good.

But then came the ice cream.
I spent all day yesterday online looking at the calories for everything. I decided I had a pretty good range of choices if I stuck to the low cal options. Thankfully, because when I got there I hardly looked at anything but the low cal choices. I just couldn't decide! So many choices. *Excited dance* I wanted it all, but not really. I just couldn't decide which I wanted more. I almost talked myself into the medium size *collective gasp* but thankfully I realized how stupid that was! I got the smallest size, a total of 190 calories. Let's round that to 200.

So I figured, still not bad. Then I had to ruin it by adding chocolate shavings! I originally was just going to add chocolate sprinkles for only 25 cals. Instead, I had to get the chocolate shavings for 90, rounded to 100! That's like a million! AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE CANDY IN MY ICE CREAM!

But no, no it doesn't stop there. My friend got the Peanut Butter Cup Perfection, medium size, and couldn't finish it. She gave what she couldn't eat to me. It was a lot, but not a whole lot, so I guessed it was about 200 cals and forced myself to eat it. There was nothing else to do with it! God, I can't believe I'm even making up excuses. Anyway, I just looked it up and the amount she gave me was almost 900 cals.

WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN MAKE SOMETHING WORTH 900 CALS? What's the point in that?!

So, after this long string of good days, I end up with more than 1000 calories today. I haven't eaten more than 1000 calories in one day in forever.

Please excuse me while I go kill myself.
(Don't take that seriously, please.)

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