Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh, Deary, You'll be Just Fine.

School in ten minutes. Deep breaths. After yesterday's regrettable binge, I have to get back on track. I barely thought about food the rest of the night yesterday. Today I have to remember, no food. As little as possible, at least.

Two small apples for lunch. I was going to stop with one, but the Mac&Cheese and buttered rolls were calling out to me, and I decided an extra apple would be much better. 170 cals for the school day, and I'm not planning on eating much more today. Possibly a 70 cal half cup of peaches for dinner.



It's 7 o'clock, and I'm procrastinating supper. I don't feel like it, food isn't one bit appealing right now. If I don't eat within an hour, though, I won't eat the rest of the night...right now I'm leaning towards not eating. I've been looking at thinspiration pictures for the past few hours.

"I am your butter and your bread. The voice that's in your head. I'll take you in and fill you up with a lack of being fed."

So, for today, 170 total calories.

Hugs & Butterfly Kisses

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