Saturday, December 5, 2009

I love you, darling.

I'm going to be home alone most of today, so not eating will be easy. When the rest of the family gets home, I'll be able to get by with eating the last 100 cal yogurt for dinner and saying that I had a sandwich for lunch..even though I didn't. Yogurt is all I plan on eating today.

So, even when I feel like I'm getting thinner, and the scale says I've gotten thinner, and the tape measure says I'm getting mirror pretty much says it's all a lie. I look bigger than before, and I know I'm not bloated. Why do I look bigger? And anyway, no one's really noticed that I'm shrinking. Then again, I've been wearing t-shirts because I think I'm getting bigger. Either way, though, I just want the mirror to stop contradicting everything else.

I'm not going to weigh myself until the weekend is over.

I'm about to get hungry-I think I'll go get a water now.

More later.

4 o'clock and I've been stretching the thing of yogurt throughout the day. There's about a third left in it, which I'm going to save until everyone's eating dinner. I have absolutely no energy today. I'll probably end up eating 80 calories of mandarin oranges, but that's not an issue yet. I have faith in myself at the moment. To go the whole day with 100 cals worth of yogurt would be preferable.

I haven't been in the mood to talk to anyone today. I've just laid around alot and painted my nails..I'm even kind of glad that R hasn't been around at all, because I'd be boring and unresponsive to him for no reason. I hate being in this kind of mood, it makes it hard to be proud of myself when I should be. Maybe a mid-afternoon shower will help. If only I had the motivation to move myself out of this chair to get to the shower.


More later.

I made that one lone yogurt last an entire day! Nothing but a 100 cal yogurt, the whole day. And now my day is officially over, it's 8 o'clock. Finally! Tomorrow, I plan on having half a cup of pineapples. Yes, only half a cup. I hope I can do it. half a cup=70 cals, I can probably make it into 100 cals if need be.

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  1. wow good day!

    and if you feel shitty and tired today, you're gonna feel worse tomorrow with only pineapple.

    give yourself 100calories of protein, have an egg or something... i dont want you to be miserable!x