Monday, December 7, 2009

110 is an evil number.

I've had about 130 cals today. Lunch was easy. (I'd say easy as pie..but for some reason that doesn't seem like it would fit.)I had strawberries and bananas and a bite or so of someone's bread roll. When I got home, I had part of a small bread roll. Dinner will consist of pineapples.

I think I'm gonna test myself now by making the siblings some pizza.

My hands smell yummy from this lotion. :D


More later.

I had the crust of a pizza, and 100 cals of pineapple. I'm gonna say this was a good day.
I feel good.
I feel thin.
The scale is still pointing straight at 110, though. It's soo hard to get it past 110. I've never gotten much lower than 110 in the past, either. It's always stopped at 110, where I just gave up. I'm not giving up this time. I'm going to keep going until it goes down. I will do this. I will get below 110.


Fuck, I binged. Luckily it was already close to eight, so it wasn't that bad. Just as long as I don't eat so much that I get above 110 in one night. I can deal with being "around 110" until I get the strength to get below.


  1. you can do it hun. just get back into your momentum :)
    stay strong!

  2. even the strongest of us has a slip up every once and a while. your doing so good. keep it up
    stay strong